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Whistleblowers: Kenya needs them for the war against corruption to succeed
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In the latest issue of our newsletter 'Adili', we delve into the topic of whistleblowers and what role whistleblowers play in the fight against corruption.

We also have stories on the work that Transparency International Kenya is doing in communities across Kenya to eliminate corruption and entrench good governance. 

Download the pdf version of the newsletter here:

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  • Comment Link Reuben posted by Reuben Tuesday, 19 May 2015

    The strong political will is only in the president, we cannot be so sure of the rest. Look at this scenario, my colleague and I pointed out serious CORRUPTION issues at our institution and whistle-blow in the media.
    The matter was brought to the knowledge of the board and our parent ministry but nothing happened. In return I'm given a suspension, a warning letter and deployment away from my professional line. All to teach me a lesson.

    It is unbelievable that some procurement documents mysteriously "disappear" and all that is given as a way forward is re-construct them. No investigation nor disciplinary action is taken. A staff member looses about Ksh 3m in cash (public money) while on an international assignment but when we questioned, we were branded "bad people". These are just but some of the "tip of the iceberg" issues we raised.

    With this, I'm not sure whether whistle blowing in itself can do much.


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