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Sports are all forms of usually competitive physical activity or games which through casual or organized participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants and entertainment for spectators.
Corruption in sport has many forms. Referees and players can take bribes to fix matches. Club owners can demand kickbacks for player transfers. Companies and governments can rig bids for construction contracts. The Global Corruption Report shows that sport provides a global overview of corruption across sport and outlines recommendations from leading experts in the field on what needs to be done.
During the ongoing Olympics we have seen a number of corruption cases which need to be dealt with, for instance the £1.3million payment made by the Tokyo Olympic bid team raised questions. The existence of such cases is leading athletes, footballers and other sport participants to become slaves of condemnation by the general public.

Kenya has had a fair shGCR Sportare of sport corruption incidents during the ongoing Olympics for instance the case of Michael Rotich who was caught on a recording saying that he    would give athletes a 12 hour advance warning of doping test and he agreed to three payments totaling £10,000 in exchange for advance warnings. That led him to being expelled from the Rio Summer Olympics.
The other incident was the one that Mr. Anzrah complained about various issues on how Kenyans were treated at the Olympic Village. The complaints passed across were like chaotic travel arrangements, inadequate training kit and questionable allocation of slots in the Olympic village. This is a clear reflection of corruption among the sport cartels. Our athletes continue to do us proud despite the hurdles they are going through. To end corruption in sports, integrity needs to grow from the grassroots level among all sport members from the coaches to the players. Fans deserve fair play in major sports not cheating and corruption.

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