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Nairobi, 25 January 2017 – Kenya has declined in rank as it continues to post a poor score in the global Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2016 released today by the Transparency International movement. Kenya scored 26 on a scale of zero to 100 (with zero perceived to be highly corrupt, and 100 very clean), compared to a score of 25 in 2015. Kenya is ranked at position 145 out of 176 countries and territories included in the latest edition of the CPI. Kenya’s score is below the global average of 43 and Sub Saharan Africa’s mean of 31. Kenya had a score of 25 in 2014 and 27 in 2013 and 2012. This indicates that despite the rhetoric of anti-corruption, the fundamental in the fight against corruption have not yielded significant dividend. The CPI measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption in countries and territories worldwide and is based on expert opinion.

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By Mercy Gachengo

The agony brought about by the endless number of road accidents is sickening. Week after week
all we get to hear from our radios or television sets is news of accidents. Death is inevitable but I
believe it should not be caused by someone’s recklessness. Road safety is still not a priority to a
section of Kenyan drivers. According to statisticsi posted on the National Transport and Safety
Authority (NTSA) website the total number of victims in the first three months of 2016 increased
by 1233 from 2699 in 2015 to 3932 in 2016. A survey carried out showed that, road accidents
cost Kenya Sh.300 billion annually. Three thousand is the average number of deaths that occur
annually and I am certain that the number can be greatly reduced only if speed and safety
regulations are followed to the letter. Are the speed regulations adhered to?


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November 15 th
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Integrity Uadilifu

Nomination Deadline: 12.00PM Saturday 14th November 2016!
1.0 Background
The United Nations’ International Anti-Corruption Day (IAC) commemorated annually on 9th
December provides government, leaders, anti-corruption agencies, civil society organizations,
private sector and citizens with an opportunity to reflect and engage in the fight against
corruption and advocate for greater transparency, accountability, integrity and better service
delivery from leaders and public institutions.
So far in 2016, high-profile corruption scandals have implicated top leadership of the Independent
Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), the Ethics & Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) as
well as the Supreme Court of Kenya. Kenyans continue to experience the negative effects of a
deepened lack of integrity in the management of public resources, increased impunity and
disregard for the rule of law.
The Integrity Champion Awards are intended to inspire hope and increase direct citizen action
and engagement in the anti-corruption struggle. The awards recognise the power of active
citizenship in disrupting corruption and demanding accountability. The Awards reinforce the need
to identify and celebrate publicly institutions, whistle blowers and ordinary citizens who have taken
action, however small, to shine the light of integrity and fight corruption in their own spaces.
2.0 Award Categories
The Integrity Champion Award 2016 will receive and evaluate entries in two categories namely
Institutions/Organisations and Individual categories. The institutional/organization category
encompasses both government and non-governmental entities in Kenya.
3.0 Entry Rules
i. One shall not self-nominate, or nominate a member of one’s family
ii. Information provided on the nominee must be independently verifiable
iii. An award shall be revoked if the information received regarding the nominee is later found to
have been fraudulent, incorrect or include a misrepresentation
iv. A decision may be made to award NO prize in any category
v. The Award Panel’s decision shall be final.
4.0 Awards Committee
The Nominations Review & Awards Committee shall comprise Mzalendo Trust, TI-Kenya, SID,
ACAC, and Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi! and their partners.
5.0 Nomination Form
5.1 Category of the nomination: Individual Institution/Organization
5.2 Full legal name of Individual or Organization/Institution being nominated:
5.3 Contacts of Nominee
Telephone: ___________________________ E-mail: _________________________________________
County: ___________________ Constituency: ______________________ Ward: _________________
Twitter handle ____________________ Facebook Page: ____________________________________
5.4 Why does the nominee qualify for this award? Spell out what distinguishes this particular
nominee from others (500 words maximum).
5.5 Explain the actions taken directly and personally by the nominee and how these
actions benefited the community and protected the Constitution of Kenya e.g. stopped
misuse/wastage of public resources, led to arrest/conviction, resulted in community action
etc. (500 words max).
5.6 Nominated by: _____________________________________________________________________
Mobile phone: _______________________ E-mail: __________________________________________
County: ___________________ Constituency: ______________________ Ward: _________________
Twitter handle ____________________ Facebook: __________________________________________
5.7 Important additional information
a.) Would publicity put the nominee at any risk? Yes No
b.) Please provide any additional information to assist in assessment of the nominee.
6.0 Submission of Nominations:
6.1 Online: This is the preferred mode of submissions. Complete a Google Form HERE to
complete and submit your nomination.
6.2 You can also download, complete and send this form as a PDF email attachment to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
6.3 You can also print, complete and drop off this form at:
 Transparency International-Kenya (TI-Kenya). Kindaruma Road, Off Ring
Road, Kilimani. Next to Commodore Office Suites Gate No. 713; Suite No. 4.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Society for International Development (SID) 6th Floor Timau Plaza, Argwings
Kodhek Road

Integrity Uadilifu


We, the undersigned nine organizations and associations, being representatives of
institutions drawn from the health, human rights, governance and development partners
have taken note of the recent revelations of theft, misuse and/or loss of public funds at the
Ministry of Health and the subsequent response to the report by the Cabinet Secretary, Dr.
Cleopa Mailu, EBS.
We note and are perturbed by the fact that the present revelation of theft touches
on resources meant for some of the most vulnerable and needy members of our society
namely expectant women, young children and persons living with HIV.
We welcome and stand in solidarity with all whistleblowers in government and
outside of government, and in equal measure incite the best of our civic consciousness and
duty as Kenyan citizens in defending the constitution.
We remain committed to and urge a completely transparent process of
investigations, verification and full disclosures to get to the bottom of the Afya House
scandal. Specifically, the investigations must answer the following questions:

1. Violation of the Constitutional Mandate of the National Government – We note
with concern the continued and systematic violation of the Constitution by the
National Government by carrying out functions that are meant for the County
Government as provided by the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution. From
procurement of medical equipment to be leased to County, to the current report
which clearly shows procurement of goods and services meant for primary health
care, we see a deliberate effort to undermine county governments from carrying
out their mandate. Furthermore, we note that the Ministry of Health has not
provided evidence of a request from the County Governments to handle the
functions as provided in Article 187 of the Constitution or the perquisite
agreements as required by Article 26 of the Inter-Governmental Relations Act,
2012. The Ministry should make these requests and agreements from the Counties
mentioned in the report for public scrutiny;
2. Procurement process and Value-for-Money: Despite providing a response to the
audit queries raised, the Ministry has not provided clear information on what
necessitated the procurement, neither is there evidence of public participation on
the procurement process. Further, it remains unclear why the procurement of the
clinics and related materials was necessary. In particular:
i. When was the decision to procure made?
ii. Who originated the procurement process?
iii. Did the government get Value-for-money in this procurement?
3. Undermining the Office of the Auditor General: We take great exception with, and
find unjustifiable the ready willingness with which the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of
Health proposes to hire, at public expense, a fresh private external audit of the
monies in question. It remains unclear why there is an unwillingness to invite the
independent expertise of the Office of the Auditor General to determine whether
or not, and/or the extent to which public monies may have been lost,
misappropriated or misused by public officers;
4. Conflict of Interest and Nepotism: Ensure full disclosure and release of AGPO
Beneficiary Data including total value of awards and directors and for all the
eighteen (18) State Ministries since FY 2014/2015. Did the procurement process
adhere to AGPO (Access to Government Procurement Opportunities) provisions,
guidelines and definitions of disadvantaged/marginalized groups?
5. Role of the Controller of Budgets: The Ministry has not fully explained How and
when payments were approved and made to key suppliers.
6. Intimidation of the Media: We note with concern the deliberate intimidation and
continued threats of media houses and journalists, which is against the constitutional
rights of freedom of the media and access to information as provided in Articles 34
and 35 of the Constitution respectively. For this reason, we wish to condemn actions
by the Principal Secretary Dr. Nicholas Muraguri aimed at threatening and silencing
the journalist.
7. Involvement of the Auditor General: As a matter of urgency, we demand that the
Auditor General institute an independent probe into the matter.

As stakeholders, we will undertake the following actions in the coming days:
1. Write and engage with all the relevant players to provide the requisite
information to inform our next course of action.
2. Intensify calls for reforms in the health sector, particularly the
enactment of the Health Bill which should have a clear delineation of
roles and responsibilities of the National Government and County
Governments in the provision of healthcare services in line with the
Constitution of Kenya.
Kenya Medical Practitioners,
Pharmacists and Dentists Union
Health NGOs Network
Kenya Union of Journalists Kenya Treatment Access Movement
Society for International Development Transparency International-Kenya
The National Empowerment Network of
People living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya
Kenya Ethical and Legal Issues Network

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