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Nairobi, Kenya – 12th October, 2015: 196 days after President Uhuru Kenyatta tabled the list of shame in Parliament, the move has failed to spur required energy in the fight against corruption that many hoped would be generated by the unprecedented move. 26 cases are currently being prosecuted in the courts arising out of the list.

The Presidential initiative had real potential to ignite a new wave of accountability that could have easily lifted Kenya from the dubious distinction of being one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Instead more scandals have emerged since then with implicated officers remaining in office and seemingly different processes and standards of accountability being applied. Many observers concur that corruption cartels have emerged uninhibited and are pilfering public funds and manipulating accountability processes with impunity.

Civil society groups petition the senate to reject law seeking to place equalisation under MPsNairobi, Kenya – 7th October, 2015: A group of civil society organisations under the umbrella of The Devolution Forum (TDF) have today presented a memorandum to the Senate calling on its members to reject a constitutional amendment bill which will direct the equalisation fund to the constituency under the management of members of parliament.

The Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) (NO.2) Bill, 2013 seeks to amend Article 204 -2 and 3(b) of the constitution.


Nairobi, Kenya – 10th July, 2015: Transparency International Kenya appreciates the progress made by the National Assembly towards restructuring the anti-corruption legal and institutional framework, particularly in making amendments to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) Act.


Nairobi, Kenya: 2nd July, 2015 - 59% of Kenyans regard corruption as the biggest threat to devolution in Kenya according to the findings of an opinion poll conducted by Transparency International Kenya.

The study, Pulling together to move forward: A national opinion poll on devolution and governance in Kenya, also found that more Kenyans feel that corruption is the most pressing problem county governments should address, with 25% identifying it as a major problem up from 9% in 2014. Concern on corruption has also increased significantly at national level, with 28% highlighting it as the most pressing problem up from 10% last year. Insecurity was cited as the most pressing problem at national level by 32% of the respondents, down from 52% in 2014.

Download a copy of 'Pulling together to move forward: A national opinion poll on devolution and governance in Kenya' here

Nairobi, Kenya – 25th June, 2015 - Fourteen Kenyan civil society organsiations are proposing policy, legislative, structural and institutional reforms to salvage Kenya’s faltering war on corruption.

These recommendations are in response to recent events surrounding procedures and institutions dealing with investigations on public officials named for corruption and economic crimes.

Nairobi, Kenya – 4th April, 2015: The suspension of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Chair Mumo Matemu and Vice Chair Irene Keino threatens current anti-corruption efforts if measures are not urgently put in place to ensure ongoing investigation are concluded within the current legal framework.

Nairobi, Kenya – 4th April, 2015 - A majority of Kenyans say corruption has increased over the past year and the government has performed poorly in fighting it, the latest Afrobarometer survey indicates.
The police, government officials, members of Parliament, and business executives are most widely perceived as corrupt.


Nairobi, Kenya – 31st March, 2015: Kenya’s leadership and integrity laws are not being implemented as anticipated almost five years after promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

This is according to a new study conducted by civil society organisations under the Parliamentary Initiatives Network (PIN) umbrella.

Nairobi, Kenya – 11th March, 2015: Wrangling in the top management of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is bound to compromise the fight against corruption in Kenya.

This is a big blow that has come barely a week after the EACC and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution launched one of its most high-profile prosecutions targeting key suspects in the long running Anglo Leasing scandal.


Nairobi, Kenya – 10th March, 2015: Transparency International Kenya notes with great concern reports emerging in the media in the last three weeks calling into question the integrity of important institutions and public officials involved in the fight against corruption.

No significant progress has been made in the war against corruption.  Few corruption cases have been successfully prosecuted, public officers accused of corruption continue to serve in their positions and only few resources lost through corruption have been recovered.

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