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Political Transparency Programme
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Political Transparency Programme

The Political Transparency Programme of TI-Kenya was developed with the goal of realising "the creation of a strong and effective regulatory framework for managing political institutions with a view to promoting public accountability and transparency in the political system and process". 

The goal of this programme is to positively influence and reform Kenya's electoral process, culture and system as well as make political party organisations more transparent and accountable to the electorate and place an emphasis on democratic principles and integrity. The programme equally seeks to enhance political transparency with regard to political financing.

The objectives of the programme are to:
•    Advocate for administrative and legislative reforms aimed at ensuring that elections and the electoral process in Kenya is free and fair and meets international standards;
•    Strengthen the regulatory framework for transparency in political parties' and political financing in Kenya;
•    Empower citizens with the tools and knowledge for demanding accountability and transparency among political parties with regard to political parties' and political party financing in Kenya; and
•    Monitor compliance by the State and political parties to their obligations with regard to political transparency as provided for in regional and international legal instruments.
The programme focuses on: 

•    Electoral reforms 
This initiative aims at promoting accountability in Kenya’s political processes. Of immediate importance is reform in Kenya’s electoral processes, transparency in political financing and strengthened capacity for civil society organisations to monitor integrity in political processes. TI-Kenya is participating in these reforms as provided for in the new Constitution. 

•    Political finance transparency 
This initiative aims at reducing the risk of state capture by money in politics. Political corruption has compromised competitive economic development, public service delivery and institutions of governance. The Political Parties Act (2007) is a critical legal framework for the regulation and financial transparency of political parties. The programme monitors parties’ and politicians’ compliance to the Act and advocates for sanctions in cases of non-compliance. 

For programme enquiries please contact the office of the Deputy Executive Director/Head of Programmes at: +254-20-2727763 and/or