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Governance & Policy Programme

The Governance & Policy Programme of TI-Kenya exists has been developed with the goal of realising "critical institutions of governance addressing corruption issues in Kenya". The programme comprises the following sub-programme areas:

  • Institutional Strengthening
  • Policy and legislative drafting 
  • Climate governance integrity Programme

These programmes are designed to create awareness of the understanding among stakeholders of the relationship between corruption, institutional weakness and the impact on every day realities of the citizens of Kenya.

The goal of this programme is to achieve effective critical institutions of Governance in the public and private sectors in addressing corruption in Kenya.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • To strengthen the watchdog and legislative roles of Parliament with regard to fighting corruption and nurturing a consistent culture of transparency and accountability in the Kenyan society;
  • To attain consistent polices and practices that espouse integrity in key public sector institutions;
  • To improve Kenya's public procurement system to optimum levels of responsiveness to integrity demands, underpinned by principles of transparency and accountability;
  • To attain optimum levels of responsiveness for the public good within public oversight institutions

In these programmes TI-Kenya uses a combination of strategies and approaches designed to ensure participation of the various stakeholders in the anti-corruption agenda in Kenya. Key among these will be:

  • Knowledge and skills training workshops
  • Research
  • Informative Publications and reading materials
  • Institutional systems and practices audits
  • Systematic monitoring of performance of key institutions
  • Public dissemination of research findings
  • Media and publicity
  • Specially targeted advocacy forums
  • Public advocacy forums and public awareness raising forums
  • Information exchange and technical debate forums
  • Structured, issue-based networking and collaboration with other actors