Transparency International Kenya: Organisational Background

Founded in 1999 in Kenya, TI-Kenya is a not-for-profit organisation with the aim of
developing a transparent and corruption-free society through good governance
and social justice initiatives. TI-Kenya is one of the autonomous chapters of the
global Transparency International movement that is bound by a common vision
of a corruption-free world. The global movement provides a platform for sharing
knowledge and experience, as well as developing strategies to respond to regionally
distinct patterns of corruption.

The organisation has 20 years’ experience in governance work at the national and
county levels. These include direct engagement with the Government, the private
sector, individuals and groups. TI-Kenya uses advocacy as its signature approach;
this is complemented by other approaches such as partnerships’ development,
research, capacity building and civic engagement.

TI-Kenya has its main office in Nairobi and regional presence in the Coast, Rift
Valley, the larger Western Kenya and Eastern Kenya through its four Advocacy and
Legal Advice Centres (ALACs) in Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu and Nairobi. TI-Kenya
also runs programmes in other counties including Turkana, Wajir, West Pokot and

Who We Are: Organisational Identity

TI-Kenya has a well-defined organizational identity as elaborated below:


Vision Statement
A corruption-free Kenya


Mission Statement
To champion the fight against corruption by promoting integrity, transparency
and accountability at all levels.


Core Values

TI-Kenya is guided by the following ideals:
1. Justice: We believe everyone deserves fair access to opportunities, resources
and rights. TI-Kenya thus supports actions that deepen equity, inclusion and
respect for all forms of diversity and independence of institutions.

2. Unity: We are committed to organisational teamwork, and strategically cooperate
with all relevant external actors across sectors and levels to achieve our mission.

3. Integrity: We consistently hold ourselves to the highest level of moral and ethical
uprightness and truthfulness. We are committed to judicious and open management
of resources and processes.

4. Courage: We stand for what is right and just for society, regardless of the
consequences. We dare to travel unchartered paths, and if necessary, openly
challenge the status quo.

5. Excellence: We strive for the highest standards of ethical and professional rigour,
and to continual improvement of self and service.

Our Approach
TI-Kenya uses advocacy as its signature approach. Advocacy will be complemented by other approaches including research, partnerships development, capacity building and civic engagement.