This programme focuses on concerns around inadequate enforcement of constitutional and legal provisions on leadership, integrity, and anti-corruption; normalization of corruption at individual and societal levels; corrupt, unethical, and unaccountable leadership; and inefficient, ineffective, and non-responsive public service delivery and humanitarian aid systems. Other challenges include inefficient, ineffective, and inaccessible judicial systems and weak civic voice/claim-making towards rights.

Under the programme, the promotion of citizen participation in all governance processes will be a core strategy. Key areas of intervention include;

Citizen (Individual) and Leadership Integrity: This sub-area seeks to promote ethical values, norms, and behavior among citizens, and to support citizens to demand for integrity and hold leaders accountable.

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased levels of citizen’s monitoring leaders’ performance, holding them to account and participating in public affairs.
  • Demonstrated positive social behavior change (perceptions, practices) against corruption & theft.
  • Greater enforcement/ adherence to chapter 6 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 and laws on leadership integrity.
  • Increased levels of ethics, transparency, and accountability by leaders and citizens.


Access to Public Services and Aid Resources: This sub-area seeks to contribute to enhanced access to responsive high-quality public services and aid resources.

Expected Outcomes

  • Citizens demand their rights and hold service deliverers accountable to quality services delivery.
  • Increased resource allocation to services prioritized by citizens.
  • Increased access to responsive, timely, and high-quality health, education, WASH, and humanitarian aid services.


Access to Justice: This sub-area seeks to increase access to appropriate/effective redress for victims of corruption-related injustices.

Expected Outcomes

  • Expeditious and suitable resolution of corruption-related cases/ injustices.
  • Increased reporting of corruption cases.
  • Increased enforcement of anti-corruption laws, policies, and institutional frameworks.


Advocacy and Legal Advisory Centres (ALACs): Through the Advocacy and Legal Advisory Centres (ALACs) established in Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu and Nairobi, TI-Kenya encourages corruption victims to come forward with corruption-related complaints. Cases filed in the ALACs provide concrete evidence to advocate for institutional and legal reforms. ALAC  is a walk-in, call-in center or mail in center where a citizen can obtain free and confidential advice on corruption cases. ALAC works with communities to empower them to report corruption. ALAC also offers a unique opportunity for the fight against corruption in Kenya as it gives opportunity to gather data on graft incidents in various public and private institutions.

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