This focus area pays attention to transparency of public procurement processes; illicit financial flows; efficiency of public spending; and quality of financial oversight systems.

The programme aims to promote a culture and practice of ethics, integrity, and accountability in public finance administration, and to contribute to efficient, effective, and accountable public revenue generation and expenditure.

The key sectors of focus under this result area shall be Health, WASH, Education, and Public Finance, while the natural resources sector will be integrated.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Increased transparency and sustainability of public revenue generation.
  2. Increased transparency and accountability in management & oversight of public resources.
  3. Improved private sector (business) integrity and ethics.
  4. Improved accountability over public resources management


Strategic Interventions

  1. Research: Undertake research, analysis, investigation, and/or documentation on topical issues.
  2. Enabling regulatory environment: Support reforms and/or adherence to applicable policy, legal & institutional frameworks touching on public financial management.
  3. Capacity building: Strengthen capacities of applicable actors towards effective corporate and public sector accountability (trainings, compliance etc.); strengthen public procurement and audit processes.
  4. Partnerships development: Establish working relations with applicable oversight actors including relevant professional bodies e.g., for accountants, media etc.
  5. Civic demand: Support citizen participation in public resource planning, use, and oversight/ social accountability and demand for accountability.
  6. Social accountability: Support institutionalized use of citizen driven social accountability mechanisms; citizen led performance monitoring & oversight of public institutions.
  7. Public Interest Litigation: Support, institute and/ or enjoin in strategic public financial management related cases.