TI-Kenya Conducts Learning Workshops on Health in Machakos, Kiambu Counties

Transparency International Kenya, through ALAC Nairobi, conducted learning and reflection workshops on the Health Sector Social Audit Report 2016 in Machakos and Kiambu Counties. In Machakos, the sessions were held on 24th April, 2018 in Kyaka hotel while in Kiambu county the event took place on 20th April, 2018 at Kigwa hotel.

The workshops, which brought together representatives from the County Department of Health services and civilian stakeholders including the social auditors and CSO representatives, aimed at reviewing the findings and recommendations of the Health Sector Social Audit Report 2016.

Participants were taken through the Mobile Drug Tracking System (MDTS) platform with a view to informing them about its potential to solve the drug tracking problems in the respective counties. They also got chance to discuss the challenges that needed attention. Some of the areas of concern highlighted  include: improving the drainage and waste disposal systems in facilities; sensitizing patients on the importance of following prescriptions; training community health volunteers to sensitize the public on proper nutrition; sensitizing members of the public on proper handling of accident victims and installing suggestion boxes at facilities.

The Mobile Drug Tracking System is a social accountability tool that aims to increase citizen participation through the tracking of pharmaceutical commodities at local health facilities. Read more…


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