TI-Kenya to Support Investigative and Data Journalism

10 journalists have been awarded grants to work on investigative pieces thanks to Transparency International Kenya through the Action for Transparency Project.

On Monday 22nd January 2018, TI-Kenya hosted a media forum to discuss the role of investigative journalism in unearthing corruption. During the function, 37 journalists who were trained on investigative and data journalism in November 2017 received their certificates. 10 of the 37 received grants and mentorship that would see them undertake investigative projects for 3 months.

Speaking during the forum, TI-Kenya’s Programmes Manager Sheila Masinde noted the important role media plays in the fight against corruption. She pointed out the need for journalists to dig deep into corruption related stories to ensure that duty bearers are held to account. Sheila said that TI-Kenya will continue to work with media and other partners in its anticorruption efforts.

“This project entails empowering journalists, to track suspected corruption through a combination of ICT-tools and community engagement strategies as a new way of holding government accountable.” said Sheila.

The panellists for the day who included Victor Bwire, Dr. Nancy Booker, William Ogonda and Churchill Otieno emphasised the need for journalists to venture into investigative journalism so that public interest is served. They decried the state of journalism in the country and urged the trainees to improve on key skills for investigative journalism, notably research.

The trainees lauded  TI-Kenya for its efforts to support investigative journalism.



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