TI-Kenya Conducts Monitoring Visits in Turkana County

TI-Kenya conducted a monitoring/donor visit in Turkana County from Tuesday, 26th to Friday, 29th September 2017. This activity was in the framework of the Uwajibikaji Pamoja project geared towards enhancing the integrity of humanitarian operations in ASAL areas. The specific target locations were (Komudei, Lopacho, Namon, Lokore, Jerusalem and Songot.

The visits purposed to hold coordination meetings in Kakuma Refugee Camp with both Uwajibikaji Pamoja partners and non- partners and plan for subsequent coordination meetings in the county. The undertaking also aimed to present the Uwajibikaji Pamoja platform at community forums in the targeted areas.

Abrahams Misoi, from TI-Kenya and Dominic Emase, the Turkana convener, spearheaded the visit. Community forums were conducted in the 6 locations (Komudei, Lopacho, Namon, Lokore, Jerusalem and Songot).  The forums attracted Local administration leaders (Area Assistant chiefs), village elders and community members. This presented a perfect opportunity for community members to share their concerns on how Uwajibikaji Pamoja system works in addressing their complaints on service delivery.

According to Abraham Misoi, information sharing and feedback from the community is very important.  “The activities were important because community members got an opportunity to access information that will help them play an important role in promoting transparency and accountability. “Notes Misoi.

The forums and meetings provided an opportunity to present how Uwajibikaji Pamoja promotes transparency and accountability in service delivery and build good relationships among the community and development actors.  It also provided a good platform for TI-Kenya to strengthen its presence and activities in Turkana county and beyond the Humanitarian aid integrity programme.



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