What: Preventing Corruption on the Humanitarian Operations Training

Who: Transparency International Kenya

When:  19th November 2019- 20th November 2019

Where: TBC(To Be Communicated)


The overall goal of the Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Aid e-learning course is to reduce the overall risk of corruption by giving learners an understanding of the problem through scenario based exercises where the consequences of their choices will be revealed.Through this approach,the learner will be provided with the basic tools and knowledge for their work. The learning objectives of this course:

  • Assessing what may constitute acts of corruption.
  • Predicting the impacts of corruption in the humanitarian sector.
  • Identifying solutions to dilemmas or challenges that humanitarian organizations face.
  • Recognizing potential indicators of corruption and respond appropriately.
  • Minimizing corruption by anticipating problems and applying appropriate measures according to their roles and responsibilities.
  • Demonstrating the appropriate use of assorted anti-corruption tools in various situations

Intended Audience

The four sections of “Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Aid” has been developed for the wider humanitarian community; field and headquarter staff in organizations, and other stakeholders. Programme staff is targeted specifically in addition to anyone else who are interested in learning about corruption prevention and contribute to a more transparent and accountable environment.

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