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Transparency International Kenya offers FREE legal advice on corruption related cases under the Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC).

What is ALAC?

Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) is a walk-in, call-in and mail centre where any person can obtain free and confidential advice on corruption cases. TI-Kenya in collaboration with government commissions and coalition partners against corruption in Coast, North Rift, Western and Nairobi regions are working to empower citizens to actively participate in the fight against corruption in Kenya.


Although corruption affects Kenyans seeking public services in key sectors like water, security, education and health, research shows that many corruption cases go unreported.

Why I haven’t reported corruption related cases;

  • No action would be taken
  • I did not know where to report
  • It did not occur to me that I should report
  • Fear of self incrimination
  • Fear of intimidation

ALAC works with communities to empower them to overcome these reasons for not reporting corruption. ALAC also offers a unique opportunity for the fight against corruption in Kenya as it gives opportunity to gather data on graft incidents in various public and private institutions.

What ALAC Offers

  • Receive complaints on corruption
  • Provide legal advice on the cases
  • Refer the case to relevant institutions of government and track the progress of the complaints through the IPCRM system

How can ALAC assist you in the fight against corruption?

TI-Kenya works in partnership with both state and non-state actors in assisting Kenyans beat corruption. Some of the Non-state actors that TI-Kenya works with include Kituo cha Sheria, Christian Legal Education Aid and Research (CLEAR) and FIDA amongst others to scrutinise individual cases and advise those affected accordingly.

ALAC officers refer cases to relevant government commissions for further action as indicated below.

Corruption related casesThe Ethics & Anti-corruption Commission
Human rights related issuesThe Kenya National Commission on Human rights (KNCHR)
Complaints on public service deliveryThe Commission on Administration of Justice (Ombudsman)
Hate speech related casesThe National Cohesion and Integration Commission

To receive FREE advice on CORRUPTION related cases, you need to:

  • Visit the ALAC office in your region
  • Call/SMS the ALAC office in your region
  • Email the ALAC office in your region
  • Attend mobile legal clinics organized by ALAC
  • Write a letter to the ALAC
  • Contact TI-Kenya head office directly


  • ALAC will not be involved in any propaganda that may compromise the integrity of any partner institution.
  • ALAC will not be used to settle scores between rival groups.
  • ALAC will not try to fight corruption or even represent the communities single-handedly. Instead, ALAC will work with the communities to impact change in the attitude and behaviour on anti-corruption initiatives.
  • ALAC will not be engaged in local politics or any activities that might interfere with its objectives.
  • ALAC will not provide solutions to every case that might come up but would like to encourage the citizen to bring forward genuine information that will help the citizen to join in the fight against corruption.
  • ALAC will not investigate corruption cases

Where is ALAC Located?


FIMS Building, Nandi Street Opposite Nandi Arcade, 3rd Floor, Room C26


+254 53 2033100


0800 720 721


0704 899 887



1st floor Room 10, Jubilee Insurance Building (Arcade),
Moi Avenue


072 841 88 22


0800 720 721



Kindaruma Road, Off Ring Road, Kilimani. Next to Commodore Office Suites Gate 713; Suite 4




0800 720 721



Harleys Building Oginga Odinga Street, Opposite Blackberry Uniform, First Floor Room A5


0716 900 227

P.O. Box:



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