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Corruption Risk Assessment in Mining Awards, 2017; A Focus on Kitui, Kwale and Taita Taveta Counties 2017Natural Resources Corruption Risk Assessment in Mining Awards - Kenya, 2017The Corruption Risk Assessment identified a total of Eighteen (18) risks which are likely to occur in the award process. The risks broadly focused on gaps in the legal and policy framework, access to information, public participation processes, institutional capacity
concerns among others.
The Kenya County Governance Status Report 20162016DevolutionTI-Kenya_County Governance Status Report_2016The Constitution provides for citizen's engagement in county governance through public participation mechanisms to demand and enhance transparency and accountability amongst the various leaders. TI-Kenya conducted a research to assess the status of governance based on these indicators. Data collection was conducted between the 22nd of June and 2nd September 2016 interviews using questionnaires that were administered through face to face interviews
Corruption Risk Assessment Report of the Education Sector in Turkana County2014EducationTI-Kenya_Corruption Risk Assessment_Education Sector Turkana County_2014Education is a social and economic right for all human beings. It is recognised as a key determinant in human development as it leads to increased capacity to access more opportunities and enhance economic status. Unequal opportunities in access to education have long-term consequences that include inter-generational persistence of poverty. The level of education of the household head is a key determinant of future earnings, child health, and other social and economic outcomes. Higher educational attainment across all segments of the population should enhance participation in the labour market, increase economic growth and ensure more equitable distribution of income in the long term.

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