Targeting the Youth in the Fight Against Corruption Using Technology

Transparency International Kenya’s Action for Transparency team organized a Social Media Engagement Forum on 18th April 2018, at Kenyatta University, Parklands Campus.

The chat aimed to involve the youth in the fight against corruption and creatie awareness among them on issues of accountability within the Education and Health Sectors. The participants were involved in tweeting about the A4T App, its features, usability and usefulness in advancing transparency, accountability and importance of reporting corruption, as a form of raising awareness to the general public on how to track budgetary expenditure and report corruption through the Application.

The The A4T team offered an award of airtime to buy Internet bundles to the top three individuals with the highest number of tweets, as a motivational token for taking part in this engagement. The team initiated a WIFI internet hotspot in order to provide internet for the participants. They were then introduced to the A4T App and then aided to download and install it into their mobile devices. On this particular day the APP recorded 25 new downloads.

Participants were asked to tweet about the project, A4TApp, its features, usability and usefulness in advancing transparency and accountability, using the hashtag #A4TApp.

See some of the tweets below:

  • Fatma Shaban @ShaabanFatma21 Apr 18, Corruption is a social vice that affects families and lives. The laws are enough to end or shun it completely. We need an efficient public service for a great and efficient government #A4TApp
  • Faith Wanjiru @FaithWa27858646 Apr 18, #A4TApp Transparency. Accountability. Integrity. These are the keys to good governance. The #A4TApp enables citizens to hold the leadership to chapter 6 standards. @TIKenya @a4tkenya @Me_gitonga @Aderosodo @petermunyasi @AbraMariita
  • LUST OF MY INK @thegiftedpen Apr 18, let’s do what is right, not what is easy. Doing what is right is FIGHTING corruption. Doing what’s easy is NOT TALKING about it at all cost. #A4TApp @TIKenya @a4tkenya @EACCKenya

According to Abraham Mariita, the project’s Communication and Engagement Officer, the A4T team will continue to engage more youth in the fight against corruption using technology.


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