Police Service Survey Debated

Transparency International Kenya’s Executive Director Samuel Kimeu was on 31 March 2017 hosted by Ghetto Radio 89.5 team during the breakfast show popularly known as #BREKKO from 7:00am – 8:00am.

The Executive Director discussed the findings and recommendations of the Kenya Police Service Satisfaction Survey and Needs Analysis Report, 2016. The report captures feedback received from citizens in Nairobi and Kisumu counties on the levels of satisfaction in service delivery by police stations, police posts and patrol bases within their neighborhoods.

While some callers/social media users accused the police of sometimes using force during arrest, others noted the important role that police play in society. They outlined the need to improve the working conditions for the police for them to effectively attend to their duties.

State of security, experience with the police, satisfaction with services rendered by the police, complaints reporting mechanisms, community Policing initiatives and the overall job satisfaction by the police officers are some of the key areas that the findings focused on. It was established that 66% of the officers in charge regarded serving members of the public as the most rewarding aspects of their jobs whereas junior officers regarded guaranteed salary as the motivating factor. It was also reported by 60% of respondents that police used force during arrest something that makes the public not share information with police or even seek help when in need.

The study further suggests interventions that would help the National Police Service in its efforts to transform the police service. Among other things, the report calls for the need to expedite on police reforms, community policing structures to be streamlined, complaints reporting mechanisms to be improved and strengthen capacity on investigation of crime, collection of criminal intelligence and prevention of crime.


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