TI-Kenya Statement on the Proposed Amendments to the Parliamentary Service Bill 2018

The proposed Amendments to the Parliamentary Service Bill, 2018 that will see Members of Parliament enjoy a rent-free house, a government vehicle, and an expanded medical cover among other benefits is of great concern to the nation. The move goes against public interest and exposes lack of leadership in the National Assembly. Article 232 of the […]

TI-Kenya launches Drivers of Corruption Report

Transparency International Kenya has released the findings of the Traffic Legislation Gaps and Drivers of Corruption in Traffic Matters Report. The report is a compilation of feedback received from key stakeholders in the transport sector including, but not limited to, the National Police Service, Nairobi Traffic Marshalls, long distance truck drivers and Matatu Owners Association. […]

TI-Kenya Publishes Paper on Forceful Evictions

By Kevin Mabonga Transparency International Kenya has published a report on forceful evictions and corruption in the land sector in Kenya. The report, ‘Forceful Evictions: An Intersection Between Corruption, Land and Human Rights’ by Samuel Kimeu and Benjamin Maina, explores how the rampant corrupt practices in the land sector has a close interlink with forced evictions, […]

The Journey to Land Digitization in Kenya

BY SULEIMAN BASHIR The concept of digitization of the Land in Kenya began in 2013 to give effect to Sections 9 and 10 of the Land Registration Act 2012. Section 9 gives the Registrar of Lands the mandate to maintain the register and any document required in a secure, accessible and reliable format which includes […]

Why You Can’t Sell Land without Title

By JACQUELINE WAHOME The first rule we learn in land and contract law is that he who has no title cannot sell. But then there is another rule that renders the first completely redundant: the bona fide purchaser for value without notice. Just to dilute the legalese, I will explain these two concepts. The first […]

A Case Study of Public Participation Frameworks and Processes in Kisumu County

TI-Kenya has published A Case Study of Public Participation Frameworks and Processes in Kisumu County. The report comprises of feedback from stakeholders from Kisumu County drawn from the County Government, local residents and representatives of various CSOs and CBOs in Kisumu County on their assessment on the establishment and effectiveness of public participation frameworks and […]

TI-Kenya Trains Busia County Executive officials on Local Integrity System

TI-Kenya’s ALAC-Western in partnership with the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission(EACC) trained Busia county Executive officials on Local Integrity System(LIS) establishment on 21st and 22nd June 2018 in Kisumu. The training aimed at strengthening accountability mechanisms at the County level. During the training, action plans during the previous LIS engagements were reviewed, an update on the […]

TI-Kenya Calls for Active Participation in Governance Processes

TI-Kenya, through the Action for Transparency (A4T) Project, successfully organised a roadshow and public forum on 14th July 2018 around Embakasi area. The roadshow aimed to inform and empower citizens in Embakasi to participate in governance processes of public funds in health and education. Also, it aimed to encourage citizens report suspected corruption cases through […]

Improving Service Delivery in Public Health

TI-Kenya’s ALAC Eldoret team held a joint learning and reflection workshop for Trans Nzoia and Elgeyo Marakwet counties in Eldoret on 19th July, 2018. The activity targeted to give an opportunity for the health stakeholders from the two counties to interact, share their experiences and learn from each other with the aim of improving service […]

TI-Kenya Empowers Kwale Residents on Land Governance

TI-Kenya’s ALAC Mombasa team conducted  civic education forums and legal aid clinics in Kwale County to empower citizens in the fight against land corruption. The forums were held from  16th to 22nd  July 2018 in Tiwi, Kasemeni, Taru, Samburu and Ramisi. This was done through civic engagement, citizen empowerment and the involvement of key stakeholders and players in land […]

Lucky Philomena Mbaye

Project Assistant, Citizen Demand and Oversight

Philomena is a lawyer, currently undertaking the Advocates Training Program at the Kenya School of Law, following her attainment of a Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LL. B) from the University of Nairobi. She is also a Certified Professional Mediator (CPM).

With a keen interest in Human Rights, Policy, Democracy, and Governance, she is deeply invested in promoting equitable legal practices and advocating for social justice. Her professional journey includes valuable experiences from (Coulson Harney LLP) Bowmans Law and ENS Africa, where she developed a solid understanding of legal intricacies and demonstrated proficiency in navigating complex legal landscapes. Beyond her legal pursuits, Philomena actively engages in community service through volunteer work with local CSOs, aiming to extend her impact beyond the legal sphere and contribute meaningfully to societal progress.

Thomas Juma

Project Assistant, North-Rift Region

Thomas is a dynamic professional with a wide range of experience and skills in community mobilization, capacity development in governance, media engagement, networking and partnership development. In his new role, he shall be responsible for offering support to the North Rift Regional Office to ensure successful implementation of the projects and assisting in logistical tasks, data collection and documentation. Thomas holds a diploma in public relations, marketing and advertising from ICS college, diploma in project planning and NGO management from Cambridge universal college and diploma in film and television production from Alphax college.

Emily Atieno

Procurement Officer

Emily is a dynamic professional with a diverse range of experience and skills in asset management, vendor relations, process improvement, event management, procurement process and procedures, admin management, communication and interpersonal skills. In her role, she is responsible for all the procurement processes and procedures towards achieving the TI-Kenya’s strategic plan. Emily holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Africa Nazarene University. She is also a holder of certificate in facilitation skills and Diploma in Business Management.

George Kiondo

Finance and Investments Manager

George is a dynamic professional with a diverse range of experience and skills in financial and project management, couching and mentoring, monitoring and evaluation, financial reporting and procurement amongst others.

In his new role, is responsible for overseeing the work of finance, investments and business development towards achieving the TI-Kenya’s strategic plan.

George holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration from USIU, a Masters of Business Administration from the African Nazarene University, CPA-K and CPS-K qualifications from Strathmore Business School.

Linet Mukhula

Project Officer, Natural Resources and Climate Governance - Land, Extractives and Energy

Linet is a highly dynamic and versatile professional with extensive experience across various domains. She possesses a comprehensive skill set essential for effective project and organizational management. This includes expertise in Program Management and Reporting, ensuring strategic initiatives are designed and implemented to meet objectives with accurate reporting on outcomes. She excels in Coordination and Relationship Management, forging strong connections with stakeholders to drive collaboration and achieve shared goals.

She is responsible for implementing governance projects and working with communities and government with an emphasis on Land, Extractives and Energy towards achieving the TI-Kenya’s strategic plan.

Linet holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Community Development from Kenyatta University with a Diploma in Public Relations Management and Advance Certificate in Business Management from the Kenya Institute of Management. She’s currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Development Studies (Economic Planning)- thesis level at the Management University of Africa.

Anno Annet Andisi

Intern, North-Rift Region

Annet is a dynamic professional with a diverse range of experience and skills in community engagement and advocacy, training, strategy and policy development as well as project management.

She is responsible for offering support to the North Rift Regional Office to ensure the successful implementation of the projects and documenting of legal aid cases for walk-in and call-in clients towards achieving the TI-Kenya’s strategic plan.

Annet holds a Bachelor of Bachelor of Political science and Public administration from Kisii University.

Jane Kingori

Grants Manager, USAID USAWA Program

Jane is a finance and grants specialist with a Master of Science in Organizational Development, Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and CPA (K). She has over 15 years’ of experience in strengthening organizations ‘capacities for sustainable program delivery through integration of best grants and financial management practices and compliance with different donor rules and regulations including USAID, UKAID, DANIDA, GCERF, SIDA and EU among others. She has served as the grants management technical lead at Faith To Action Network and Act Change Transform.