Widow’s Long Walk for Justice

As a widow struggling to make ends meet, Grace’s* face gave tell-tale signs of the distress she was undergoing. Her smile was weary and it was clear that the ALAC Eldoret offices were her last resort. As if losing her husband was not enough, she was embroiled in a land dispute with the family of her late husband who had vowed to ensure that she does not get a penny of what was due to her. This led to a legal tussle with the matter being taken to the court where she had initially thought she would get the justice she so desired.

Unknown to her, this would mark the beginning of a new ordeal. Her case stalled and efforts to get access to her file bore no fruits despite several visits to the courts for over a year. It was after countless, fruitless visits to the court registrar’s office that she finally decided to try her luck through ALAC Eldoret which she learnt about in a public forum in Kamukunji, Eldoret.

Grace called ALAC Eldoret using the toll free hotline 0800 720 721. After relaying her ordeal to an ALAC officer, the officer drafted a referral letter to The Registrar of the Eldoret High Court to assist in expediting the matter. On presenting the referral letter from ALAC, the file was traced and she was advised to go back in November 2014 for the hearing of the case. Grace’s second visit to the ALAC Eldoret office depicted a very enthused person for she was all smiles and had acquired a bounce to her walk. “Mungu ametenda- file imepatikana”- meaning “God has done it- the file has been found!” was her response on being asked about the visit to the Eldoret High Court.

She expressed her gratitude to ALAC Eldoret for facilitating the quick discovery of her otherwise missing file – which she suspected was a conspiracy by her husband’ affluent relatives to deprive her of her rights. She promised to keep the ALAC officer updated on the progress of the case.

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of the client


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