Reforming Relief Distribution in Kongelai, West Pokot

Residents of Kongelai location in West Pokot had for many years silently suffered as a result of ineffective and unclear food aid distribution systems. Kongelai being a semi-arid region is regularly faced with food shortages and water scarcity that exposes most of the community members to drought and famine. This condition led to the distribution […]

Public Forum in Shaantaabak, Wajir County Bears Fruit

The County Government of Wajir had been undertaking a water tracking project in Shaantaabak location for three years but this stopped abruptly in November 2014 due to lack of financial resources. In August 2015, a joint field outreach visit by the Wajir South Development Agency and the Uwajibikaji Pamoja convener was conducted in Shantaabak location […]

‘Uwajibikaji Pamoja’ Facilitates Cash Transfers for the Elderly in Mnagei

The National Government has been implementing the Cash Transfer Fund for the elderly in a number of Counties, West Pokot County included. The elderly people are recruited into the programme after a given period of time. The county administration leaders are charged with the responsibility of recruiting these elderly people whenever there are more slots […]

Uwajibikaji Pamoja Comes to Widower’s Rescue

Job* Enkai, 65-year-old widower and a father of 7 (3 boys and 4 girls) has been a beneficiary of a cash transfer programme implemented by Oxfam and funded by ECHO in Turkana. Job was recruited into the programme through a process that is community based and facilitated by Oxfam staff and the community’s administrative leaders; […]

Sensitisation by TI-Kenya Lands Qanjara a Dispensary

Qanjara location is in Wajir West Sub-County and a home to local a community that has pastoral background. Inhabitants of this location have dropped their indigenous nomadic lifestyle due to recurrent drought caused by climate change which has continuously led to loss of livestock. Majority of the members of the local community are illiterate. Together […]

Social Accountability Initiative Impacts Kongelai Residents

For a long time, West Pokot county residents would attend meetings and rallies convened by political leaders to listen to them in anticipation of some token thereafter. They would arrive in numbers, sing on arrival of the leaders and sit awaiting the speech and token. Unfortunately, this is a common practice in most locations in […]

ALAC Helps Resolve 20 year Pension Case

In his prime, Kassim* was a budding technician working for one of the biggest state corporations. Due to an illness that left him with walking difficulties, he was forced into early retirement over 20 years ago. He retired and went  to a sleepy village in Vanga, Kwale County near the border of Kenya and Tanzania. […]

Bungoma Good Governance Coalition Nips a Corrupt Deal

  Even with the Constitution adopted in 2010 and new land laws to safeguard the interests of citizens in land ownership, fraudulent acquisition of land in Kenya is still prevalent. Transparency International Kenya through the Advocacy and Legal Advisory Centre (ALAC) Western has continued to empower citizens on corruption and anti-corruption strategies particularly emphasizing the […]

Widow’s Long Walk for Justice

As a widow struggling to make ends meet, Grace’s* face gave tell-tale signs of the distress she was undergoing. Her smile was weary and it was clear that the ALAC Eldoret offices were her last resort. As if losing her husband was not enough, she was embroiled in a land dispute with the family of […]

ALAC Helps Client to Push for Registration Documents

Agnes* applied for registration of a company at the Registrar of Companies in February 2014 and she was advised that processing her application for registration would take about 60 days. After 60 days she went to the registrar’s office and was informed that her application for registration was not complete. She continued to follow up […]

Jane Kingori

Grants Manager, USAID USAWA Program

Jane is a finance and grants specialist with a Master of Science in Organizational Development, Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and CPA (K). She has over 15 years’ of experience in strengthening organizations ‘capacities for sustainable program delivery through integration of best grants and financial management practices and compliance with different donor rules and regulations including USAID, UKAID, DANIDA, GCERF, SIDA and EU among others. She has served as the grants management technical lead at Faith To Action Network and Act Change Transform.