Journalists Trained on Climate Governance Reporting

Transparency International Kenya organised a 2-day training workshop on communicating climate change and climate governance for journalists.

The training, which targeted  journalists from both mainstream and community media, aimed at enhancing the capacity of journalists and communicators on reporting climate change, climate governance and corruption issues was held on 25th and 26th July 2018 in Naivasha.

While a lot of good work has been done in communicating technical topics on climate change like greenhouse gas emissions, mitigation and adaptation, a lot remains to be reported on critical issues of governance and finance. Into a widely understood and recognised problem, the conversation is stuck at that very point: the problem. Corruption has the potential to derail countries’ efforts to address climate change.

Journalists were taken through the causes, impacts and responses of climate change; best practices for reporters;  the role of media in climate governance and the Code of Conduct for the practice of Journalism.


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