ALAC Helps Client to Push for Registration Documents

Agnes* applied for registration of a company at the Registrar of Companies in February 2014 and she was advised that processing her application for registration would take about 60 days.

After 60 days she went to the registrar’s office and was informed that her application for registration was not complete. She continued to follow up the status of her application for registration but whenever she went to enquire, there was no progress.

After six months of being taken around in circles, she contacted the Nairobi Advocacy and Legal Advisory Centre (ALAC) via the toll free line 0800 720 721 where she was advised to demand to see the officer in charge at the registrar’s office and make a formal complaint.

After receiving this advice, Agnes went to the registrar’s office and informed the junior officers that she wanted to see the officer in charge and make a formal complaint, but the officers informed her that it was not necessary as the certificate was almost ready. They requested her to return in a week’s time, which she did and found that it was ready.

The government offices always make promises to deliver services efficiently, and they have set up service charters for accountability. However, most citizens do not know that they can actually use the service charters as a basis for complaining against delays in service delivery; with proper information they can take action and hold government officers accountable.

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of the client


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