Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Report – Homabay County.

The climate Change Risk and Vulnerability Assessment for Homabay County was conducted to: Identify the climate change risks, hazards, and vulnerabilities in the County; establish the probability and impact of climatic hazards currently and in the future in the County; identify the vulnerable sectors to climate change in the County and identify their respective adaptive capacities; develop a climate change vulnerability and risk map of the County and develop a list of indicators for the vulnerability to climate change in the County. This is in line with international and national policies on climate change action that recognise the role of climate change risk and vulnerability assessments in enhancing a targeted approach to tackling climate change.

The report recommends that the County Government should prioritise mainstreaming of climate change action into the County decision-making processes. The mainstreaming should be anchored in the County Integrated Development Plan.

This Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Report for Homabay County is a product of Transparency International Kenya’s efforts to work with counties in developing relevant governance frameworks to facilitate informed planning of climate change actions and enhance the prudent use of climate finance.  Download the report here.



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