Creatives for Integrity

Creatives are the heartbeat of our society, using their boundless talents to weave stories, art, and music that resonate with our hearts and minds. At TI-Kenya, through the Restoring Ethical and Accountable Leadership (REAL) Project, we’ve embarked on an inspiring journey, engaging creatives from across the country to harness their creativity for a powerful cause. […]

13 years after Katiba 2010 – Still Nothing to smile about in the war against graft

As the Constitution of Kenya marks 13 years since its promulgation on 27th August 2010, this year also marks the 20th anniversary of the adoption and enactment of many anti-corruption legal instruments including, the United Nations Convention against Corruption, the African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption and the premier law on anti-corruption in […]

Kenya’s Devolution Dream: 13 Years on and the Quest for True Empowerment

In 2010, Kenya heralded a new era of governance with the promulgation of the Constitution, which introduced a devolved system of governance. The promise was clear, devolution would empower county governments to generate their revenue, allowing them to govern efficiently and deliver services effectively. Thirteen years later, however, this dream remains largely unrealized, leaving Kenyans […]

Power of Mercy needs to be Exercised with Restraint, Objectivity and Sound Mind

The Attorney General, through a Gazette Notice No. 9567 published on 21st July 2023, notified the public that the president had pardoned 37 convicts following the recommendation of the Power of Mercy Advisory Committee (POMAC). Among the pardoned persons included Davy Koech, a former Director at the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) who was convicted […]

The Need for Whistleblower Protection Legislation in Kenya

Threats and intimidation on media and whistleblowers show the need for Whistleblower Protection Legislation The edible oil and National Hospital Insurance Fund scams exposed recently and the backlash against the media that has weathered intimidation and name-calling, and reported threats against the NHIF heist whistleblower have been the sad highlight of the week we mark […]