Action for Transparency (A4T) is conceptualised as a project to contribute to strengthened democratic accountability and transparency in Kenya through citizen monitoring of government expenditure, in order to uncover suspected corruption and mismanagement of public funds. A4T makes use of a set of secure tools and methodologies for carrying out citizen monitoring of Kenyan government budgeting and expenditure.  The immediate target beneficiaries for the project include mainstream and community journalists, community leaders, civil society activists and local civil servants who will be empowered to monitor government funds and report suspected mismanagement in public administration, in order to defend their human rights to education and health care.

The A4T project is currently being implemented in Nairobi County targeting 72 public primary schools and 32 health centres across the 9 sub-counties in Nairobi City County. A4T focuses on the education and health sectors in Nairobi to promote effective use of public resources through public monitoring and enhanced avenues for reporting misuse of public resources using technology and media.

Training Participants on use of A4T app             


There are several components under the project all geared towards achieving the main objective of providing citizens with a platform to monitor government expenditure and report misuse of public funds. These components include: Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys (PETS) and social audits, trainings, public awareness campaigns, stakeholder engagements and use of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) platforms.

The project has also incorporated a legal aid component geared towards providing a platform for engaging student lawyers in receiving complaints and offering legal advice to members of the public on corruption related cases. The legal aid component also has a complaint handling mechanism supported by the Advocacy and Legal Advisory Centre (ALAC) in Nairobi, a programme run by TI-Kenya to offer legal advice to members of the public and refer matters to oversight institutions for appropriate action through the Integrated Public Complaints Referral Mechanism (IPCRM).

The A4T platforms in use include:

  • A4T mobile App – available on Google Play Store and App Store which displays budgetary information for the targeted schools and health centres and provides a platform for reporting suspected corruption;
  • Action for Transparency Website– visit our page for more details on the A4T project including additional analysis of the budgetary information and reports;
  • A4T Knowledge Base – for additional information on education and health sectors more so on accountability issues;
  • Mobile toll free no. 0800720721 and SMS 40019 platforms –  to receive complaints and engage with beneficiaries of the project;
  • Social media platforms – Facebook (Action for Transparency – Kenya), Twitter (@a4tkenya) to build on conversations about accountability in the education and health sectors;

Project Implementing Partners

Fojo Media Institute

Transparency International – Kenya

Supported by:

Embassy of Sweden