Social accountability is the measure of a governmental and non-governmental organisation’s adherence to the social contract entered between it and the communities who by right are entitled to this service(s)/intervention during the contractual period. The project is currently funded by the European Union through the ASAL Drought Contingency Fund Project (ASAL-DCFP) implemented under the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA). The project is aimed at improving accountability and transparency in implementation of drought preparedness and mitigation interventions in Turkana, Wajir and West Pokot County through rights and awareness community forums and supporting social auditors to conduct audit assessments.   This project is being carried out through implementing partners: St. Peter’s Community Network (SAPCONE) in Turkana, Wajir Paralegal Network (WAPNET) in Wajir and SIKOM Peace Network in West Pokot. The locations the project is currently targeting are listed below:

County Locations
Wajir Qanjara,   Dasheq, Laghboghol West,   Dambas, Wagalla,Harakhotkot, Lafaley, Laghboghol South, ,Leheley,   Tarbaj
West Pokot Kodich   ,Kacheliba ,Lomut ,Chepareria , Ortum, Kongelai, Konyau, Sigor
Turkana Turkwel ,Kanamkemer, Lowarengak, Kataboi, Kalokol

Kabulokor,Nachukui, Kaleeng,Lolupe, and   Kanakurdio