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Action for transparency (A4T) is a project which aims to contribute to strengthened democratic accountability and transparency in Kenya through citizen monitoring of government expenditure, in order to uncover suspected corruption and mismanagement of public funds.

The project involves developing and implementing a set of secure tools and methodologies for carrying out citizen monitoring on use of public resources at public primary schools and health centres in Nairobi county. Some of the tools and methodologies adopted for the project include: public expenditure tracking surveys used to collect financial data from targeted public primary schools and health centres; social audits done by the beneficiaries of public services from targeted institutions; and, use of technology to disseminate information to the public through mobile and web based platforms.

By using these tools and methodologies, journalists, community leaders, civil society activists and local civil servants will be empowered to monitor government funds and report suspected corruption in order to defend their human rights to education and health care.

A4T has a website and a knowledge base:

In Kenya, the A4T project is implemented through a partnership between

With the support of Fojo Media Institute funded by the Swedish Embassy.

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